Sunday, 7 June 2015

Envelope Punch Board Envelope Tri-Fold Folio

Hello Everyone!

I don't have a big project for you today, but I do have this!

I have created a quick, easy, and fun project that is great a great project to use up retired cardstock and DSP pieces you still might have. This little folio can showcase 5 or more photos depending on their size. You could add photos to the triangle flaps, and journaling too. Makes great gifts! 

They open up like this.

I have the instructions available to you for sale. $5.00 Canadian

Envelope Punch Board Envelope Tri-Fold Folio

It's good to get a project out there again. Sorry that there is no video at this time.

Happy Papercrafting!

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

20% Off Spring Sale!

I know it has been a very long time since you've heard from me. No, I haven't quit creating and coming up with new project ideas, just unforeseen problems are the hold up. Because I have been unable to post new items for a while, and it may be a month or two more before I can get new project instructions up for you, I want to express my gratitude for your patience and loyalty. I'm having a Spring Sale!! All project instructions are currently 20% off!

After the Spring Sale some projects will be discontinued and no longer be available. So take advantage of the Sale and invite your friends to get those projects that are on their wish lists!

Here is the link to my Zibbet Store (the older blog post sales will not have the 20% Spring Sale prices, so use the Zibbet Store link to get the sale price).

And again, a big thank you!

Happy Papercrafting!

Monday, 19 January 2015

Delays, Frustrations, Temporary Changes & Announcement

Hi Everyone,

I know it's been such a long time, and some of you will be wondering what in the world is going on. Well you are aware of the back problems I had for about 6 weeks that started in November, then I posted about video problems, and since then I have had a number of things that have caused further delays and frustration about getting the File Folder Folio 8 out to you. I'll spare you the details, but know if I could have gotten it out to you a week or two ago, I would have.

Changes? Well until some things are resolved, I will be starting a quick project or two for you. The recordings will be done with my camera again, just for a little while until my issues are resolved.

Next is an announcement. Remember this project?

Well, long ago after making this I had said that since a lot of the video went corrupt on this project that I would remake it. Because of all that is going on, I'm afraid that those of that have enquired about this project will be disappointed. I will not be able to remake this for you. There is just too much on my plate to go back and make this huge project. I'm truly sorry. But I hope you will be just as excited over some of the new projects for this year. They won't be as huge of an undertaking as this one and will cost you less to make as well. So be on the look out for some similar projects to come.

So, 'a thousand thanks' for your patience and putting up with lack of new projects lately. And...for having to cancel one.

I am excited to get started on the next project, and as soon as I can post File Folder Folio 8 you'll learn about it.

In the mean time Happy Paper Crafting everyone!

Just for some fun I thought I would post some images that express some of the feeling I've had over the past couple of months over all the issues & frustrations since November.

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Walk-Through Tour & Continued Delays

 First of all, I would like to thank everyone for being so patient waiting for the next project to come out.  While my back is much better, a number of things still keep me from getting this latest project out to you.

First my charge cord broke and I had to get another one to recharge my iPad Mini in order to continue editing videos, etc. That was a while ago, and I'm sure you are wondering why it still isn't available. Once again I'm having uploading issues. I have the introduction, part one & three uploaded and ready, but part two will not upload! After seven days of trying multiple things, it looks like I have to toss the video and "Re-Do" part two, starting from scratch again.

I hope you can be patient a little longer, because this Saturday (Jan. 10th) I have a Stampin' Up Open House which needs some work to prepare for. So I can't begin the "Re-Do" until the following Monday. I have everything done; the written instructions, photos, and the previously mentioned videos. So once this part in done it will be available to you.

In the mean time, how about watching the walk-through video of the project? Now this, File Folder is different from all the previous ones, as it is a double thick File Folder Folio.

Thank you for watching! As soon as the Part 2 video is uploaded I will pot the instructions for this project. Hope you enjoyed the video.

I have a list of projects scheduled for the next while, and I'm looking forward to getting back into the swing of things!

Happy Papercrafting!


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Happy 2015!

Wishing all my followers a Very Happy New Year!

 I hope that I brighten your day as much as you do mine!

Before you go I just wanted to thank you for an awesome 2014, for stopping by to view my work, purchasing my instructions and returning for more, leaving a comment and  a little love when you visit. It means so much to me that you take time out your day to share a moment with me here.

May the new year bring you hours of fun, relaxation, enjoyment,  creativity, and accomplishment with each new project!

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Christmas Lantern & Mini Album

Can you believe that it's only 36 days until Christmas!   But the reason for this post is that the Christmas Lantern & Mini Album is finally here!

Last year I entered a project for a blog challenge with a chipboard constructed lantern that had a mini album under it. (to see it click here) Many made requests for instructions on how to make the project.  I changed up the shape of the lantern for easier construction and less material wastage.

The lantern is constructed in parts with one layer, some with 2 layers, and still others with 3 layers of chipboard. I came up with a way to disguise those layers using ribbon rather than strips of cardstock, and show you how to do that on your project.

Measuring 20" in height and 6" x 6" square, the base contains a drawer that holds a 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" mini album.

For those of you wanting to use the same designer paper, I used Carta Bella's "Christmastime" collection. This paper is more like cardstock and works well for this project.

Once you have all your chipboard cut, and layers glued together, this lantern comes together fairly quickly. I found the mini and the embellishing to take  little longer. You can of course embellish as little or as much as you like.

For the rest of this post, there will be a few more photos, and the walk-through video tour of this project, along with the link to get the instructions.

The mini album photos are included at the end of your written instructions so you can see nearly every page. Enjoy the walk-through tour of this project.

To purchase the instructions for this beautiful Christmas Lantern, click here!

Have fun with all of your Christmas projects!

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Christmas Mini (2014) Now Available!

I can't believe it's only 43 days till Christmas! Didn't we just have Christmas! I'm not complaining though, just so you know, I love Christmas! It just seems each year the times speeds by just a tad more quickly.

Any way, many of you know that I've been working on a Christmas Lantern & Mini Album set. Some had expressed interest in only the Mini. And since I didn't think they should have to purchase a big project just to get the Mini, I have pulled out the video links and instructions that apply only to the Mini, added most of the photos I took, and created a second set of instructions.

Here are some of the photos for you to see. And for those of you waiting for the entire Lantern project, it's coming! Thanks for being so patient.

So that is a little taste of what some of the pages look like. I used Carta Bella's "Christmastime" paper collection if you are wanting to use the same paper.

To purchase the instructions for this cute little Christmas Mini click here!

I'm sure that everyone is busy having fun creating their wonderful Christmas projects, gifts, and cards! So thank you for stopping by to have a look at the latest.

Happy Papercrafting!


Sunday, 2 November 2014


Hi Everyone!

Hope that you are having fun planning and creating for all those Christmas needs! Beginning Monday, November 3rd, and ending midnight (PT) Sunday, November 9th, I will be having a sale on all of my instructions! Yes, even the new ones that come out during the sale!

The sale is only at my online Zibbet store, not on this blog. Zibbet still doesn't have their 'Gift Certificates' set up yet, but maybe next year, and then I can offer them to you as a gift idea for those crafting friends and loved ones in your life.  So hope on over and browse through the store. There might be something that you can make for a Christmas gift that you've been searching for!

Have fun crafting for Christmas!


Sunday, 26 October 2014

Santa Letter Box & Christmas Stars Greeting

I know I say this every time, but I feel that way every time! And that is, "this is such a fun project to make!" Some of you may be familiar with this project if you follow my "Aspiring to Creativity" blog, or took this class last year. I've modified it and added another component to it this time. Here is the original version -

 And here is the new version for you.

This piece can serve a dual purpose as Christmas home decor Christmas greeting to all who enter, as well as a drawer that can hold either letters to Santa or a unique sized mini album (to design on your own or by requesting me to design one).

The glitter and sparkle of this project truly adds to the season as it sits on a mantle, a sofa table, coffee table, dinning table, buffet, or window sill. You of course can choose whatever Christmas paper you'd like, and may want to make multiples as Christmas gifts.

This project can of course be adapted to other occasions, such as Hanukkah, birthday, Valentines, anniversary, graduation, baby birth/shower, wedding, and so on.

I made the two end boxes look like little gifts....

Love the little snowflakes! But you can also add die cut stars or Poinsettias for Christmas, or if making for another kind of celebration, there are hearts, butterflies, and so many other shapes that could be added!

Now, if you are interested in a mini album to fit in that space, you can make a comment below and I will make one. Just so that you know however, it will not be done before Christmas.

Here is a quick little video. (not much of one)

So if you'd like the tutorial to make this for any kind of occasion, hope on over to my Zibbet store.

TO PURCHASE click here to link to my Zibbet store to find this project.
Most days I check for purchases several times a day, unless I am out, and once I've been notified by PayPal, I will email you your purchased instructions.

 Thank you so much for stopping by today. I will be working on the Christmas Lantern & Mini now for those of you that wanted it!

Happy papercrafting!